Founded on 1974, SIMER S.A. is a company dedicated to the alluminium profile, covering all the business areas (extrusion, anodizing/lacquer, and profiles distribution). Our history of over 35 years is our guarantee of professionalism, quality, honesty and high dedication to serve our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to be grateful for they thrust in our company. This is our main functions:


The companies SIMER S.A., SIMERAL S.L. and SISTEAL S.L., are dedicated to the design, distribution, and marketing of their own alluminium profiles models, also we have the distribution or profiles from SAPA with Alfil and Muro Cortina series. If you want to know our products, you can look up them in the Profiles , Accesories , and Finishes sections. We have a great branch network in Spain, you can look up this network in the Contact section.

We are envolved with the environment, begining with the product itself, as the alluminium is the unique product with total reuse, unlike the glass and paper that are reused only in a high percent. We also care of emission of pollutants products, that our research department has drastically reduced.

The research is another mainstay of the company, in the department of computer with the development of our own software for our customers use (for the design and budget of windows, and the CE marking), in the technical deparment with the ongoing developments of new series and improvement of the existing ones, and in the production deparment that continuously is improving all the process for a higher production and a lower pollutants.


The company EUROAL Extrusion S.L., has a modern extrusion plant totally automated that has recently opened. It's main purpose is the extrufing of alluminium profiles for the SIMER company, and also extrudes any other profile that our customers can require for industrial uses, or any other desires that you can have. You can see more details in the Extrusion section.


The company Sistemas de Lacados S.L., has a modern horizontal coating plant with tath has recently opening, just as a plant for lacquering effects with photographic quality film transfer. It's main purpose is the superficial treatment of the alluminium profiles and sheets. You can see more details in the Lacquer section, just as a list of the finishes in the Finishes section.