Founded on 2009, Euroal Extrusión S.L. is dedicated to the alluminium extrusion for the profiles manufacturing industry. We extrude profiles for the SIMER company (dedicated to distribution), and for our exclusive customers. Thanks to our totally automated plant recently opened, we can offer you a high quality in any kind of profile you can need we manufacture you.


Process description
The alluminium extrusion is a process in wich a hydraulic press with very high pressure, transform the alluminium that get into big solid bars, shaping it (previously heating to a optimum temperature), and extruding across a mold that shapes the desired shape to the material crossing it. The optimun temperature is in a range near 450º (note it is below the fusion point of 660º). The optimum temperature depends on the used alloy and the matrix shape to extrude. To protect the mold it needs to be some hours in a oven to get its subsequent working temperature.

This material gets out making long strips with a slight undulation since it retains some malleability. When the strips get to the end of a very large workbench, they are cutted in the beninning, and are transfered across various workbenchs that moves them smoothly over the rollers to get cold. After the cold process the stripes are streched from their extremes (with the optimum pressure of each profile), and are cutted in bars with the desired length. After this process the puller packs automatically the bars in a container.

Afterwards the containers come in a maturing oven (with the exact temperature of each profile), in wich the bars stay along some hours for getting the desired tempering that produces the desired hardness ant properties. Finally the bars go in the packaging process afterwards the profiles is ready for use.

In all this process is very important to take care and fuss over the molds that gets the desired shape of each profile. After the end of the extrusion process, the molds get into a total cleaning process for erradicating any impurity that would have sticked to it. The first part is a nitrurating process that removes chemically any alluminium. Afterwards they get in a blasting machine that throw very small balls through the mold with high pressure for the ending cleanning. After the molds are cleaned, they are checked exhaustively and if neccesarily, they are corrected and upgraded in the workshop before its subsequent use.

All this process is partly high technology thanks to the advanced machinery that automates all the process, but it is also a craftwork, as our high qualified personnel is responsible of watching, correct and improve the parameters of the systems that controls all the process.