Founded on 2006, Sistemas de Lacados S.L. main pourpose is the superficial treatment of the alluminium with a lacquer, that is provide it with colour and protection. Besides the white the most demanded colour, we also offer you any lacquer in any existing ral you demand, as profiles as sheets. We also have lacquer with wood effect.


Flat colour lacquer
Although the alluminium is a nearly stainless material, it needs a treatment that protects it from the weather. This tratment can be an anodizing process that provides colour and protection with a electolysis coat, or a lacquer process that provides colour with a paint layer. Any of the processes have its advantages and problems, and a distinct range of colours.

In any lacquer the profiles and sheets to be lacquered, have to go in a previous baths that erradicates any superficial impurity, and gives a pretreatment to the material for better adherencing ot the ulterior painting. In those baths, the material goes from one vat to another (with distinct functions), resting some time in each vat. For example some treatments attacks chemically the impurity, some treatments purpose is to remove of previous treatment residues with pure water, and some treatments are a superficial protection that improves ulterior painting adherence.

Once the material has its pretreatment, the bars are hooked in rails, and they go through the painting cabins. The lacquer can be vertical when the bars go in vertical position with each bar hooked to the rail, or be as in our case horizontal when a group of bars are hooked together to two large hooks in rails. In the old days there was a third system of inmmersion now obsolete. In case of horizontal painting each group of bars hooked together pass through a painting cabin thar paints them with multiple automated spray gun.

After leaving the lacquer cabins, the bars rest ina big oven that solidifies and crystallizes the paint, giving it the neccesary ressistance.

Lacquer with wood effect
Not only we have flat colours lacquer, we also have wood effects. In fact we can not only make various wood effects, we also can marble, stone, granite and other effects.

In the wood effect, the bars imitate perfectly the wood. The trick is that, the bars goes previously to a base lacquer with colour depending on the desired wood effect, and over this lacquer is applied a polimerized paint that goes in one sheet forming a bag, with the desired drawing of the effect. This sheet paint adheres to the material, after a vacuum process in the sealed bag with the bar inside it. The material in bags goes into a big oven, and the paint is transferred and fixed with heat to the material.


Our commiment with the control of quality is supported with the Qualicoat stamp we have received, this stamp certifies that we pass periodically controls of micronage and lacquer quality from Qualicoat, and that we made also a diary check of the parameters.

Within the Qualicoat stamp our class is SEASIDE (marine quality), that implies bigger resistance to the climatic effects (sun, water, ice, and wind) and atmosfferic effects (corrosion, oxidation, erosion, etc)


NOTE: You can se the different finishes we made in the Finishes section. Note that "Sistemas de Lacados S.L." only made the lacquers in those section not the anodizes.