NOTE: This programs that are designed by us are mainly designed for Spain market (as they are writen in spanish language)


Carpentry program

SIMER S.A.have great pleasure in present our carpentry program, program that is also of our own dessing. We have developed it to make easier for our customers a solution for design windows and produce estimates, with a total integration with our products.

Main advantages:

• Response time: if you have a carpentry program, when your customers needs a estimate you can give a fast response. No more time I will call you the next day for give the price.

• Presentation: with a carpentry program you have all the documentation with a good presentation (customer offer, internal listing of costs, sheet for workshop parts, sheet with cut optimization for saw, sheet for supplier order, etc). With the advantage of save the impressions to .JPG or .PDF for sending it later by email.

• Simplicity: we have intended to develop a program with fewer requirements and an easy installation that have no running problems, in fact after installation the program can be moved to any other folder. You only have to install it and introduce the data of your company and the discount made by SIMER. It have a miminal requirements, can run with Windows-98 and a 486 proccesor, although is reccommended Windows-7 and a fast computer. Runs in network as in standalone, the program not differentiate it. For network installation, you only have to install normally and after it share the folder of the program to other computers (the only difference is the protection key). All the program use is very easy, as we have intended to make a easy interface with mouse or with keys.

• Actualized data: as the program is our design, you have not to introduce any technical data for profiles as in other programs, or use any formula. Also you dont have to introduce the price list when it changes. You have actualizations for price list changes and new profiles, and program improvements.

• Predesigned windows: the program have a small list of predefined windows, but the most important thing is that you can add to the windows file the ones you use. In this manner when you have to made an estimate of usual windows, you only have to put the customer and in each line put the code of the window. Despite of this you can design the window in the own estimate.



Program for EC / CTE

We have a program that will help you to elaborate the european "E.C." mark labels, and also for knowing if a window is agree with the spanish normative of C.T.E. Before using it it's reccomended to read the resume of both normatives, you can see in the section of downloads.

NOTE: you can see the programs in the section for downloads